How Love Expressed In Spain?


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In Spain, love is expressed much as it is in Western natures - however, the Spanish may demonstrate a dramatic flair in matters of romance; the men and women of Spain may prefer an overtly romantic approach that is flirtatious and also passionate. The Spanish have a taste for drama, as can be witnessed in their love for bullfighting, and their passionate artists, such as the inimitable Pablo Picasso. The Spanish will express love with physical affection, flirting, and romantic gestures, such as giving flowers, or saying romantic sentiments.

Ways To Show Love In Spain

• To show love in Spain, learn to play a romantic song on the guitar, in the signature Spanish style, and serenade your lover with an unforgettable tune. Spanish guitars are beautifully-crafted, and produce a unique and beautiful sound. The classical and modern guitarists of Spain create exceptional rhythms and melodies that often quite wistful, romantic, and filled with longing. Express your love in Spain by making music that tugs at the heartstrings.
• Another unforgettable way to express love in Spain is through poetry; learning a little bit of the Spanish language (if you don't know it already) will go a long way. Key phrases, such as "amor" (which means love), can be used in your romantic poem. The word amado means sweetheart, so that will also be a good word to use in a poem. Simple sentiments and images are fine, as long as the emotion behind them is sincere. Poetry is a traditional way to woo a lover...this strategy has been used in Spain for centuries.

Love is universal; however, come cultures frown on open expressions of romantic emotion. However, Spain is not a repressed place, and its culture is quite open. To show love in Spain, be tasteful, but do display your feeling openly, and show you passion for the other person. If the other person reciprocates, they will likely show their affection quite openly.
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Spain was amazing country in the world,all time tourist favorite time coming in spain !!!
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Sorry,, but I don't know because I'm not living in Spain...

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