What Does The Slang Term Ringer Mean?


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Ringer has numerous meaning... Sport idiom - a imposter... A style of t-shift... Stockman, (Australia) a person who look after the livestock on a large property... A mechanism in a telephone to announce incoming calls. Just a few meaning.
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The term ringer is a noun which refers to one that rings, in particular one who sounds either a bell or chime. Synonyms for the same in this sense of the term include bell ringer and toller. It is also used as a slang term to mean a contestant who dishonestly enters into a competition. In this sense of the term synonyms for the same include the words imposter and fake.

As a slang term it is also used to mean a person who bears a remarkable resemblance to another. For instance, 'she is a ringer for her mother. Other similar words used include clone and dead ringer.

In terms of games the term ringer is used to describe a horseshoe or quoit which is thrown such that it should encircle the peg.

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