How To Say Hi, Good Morning, And Thank You In Georgian Language ?


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There are many places that you can look online for direct translations, Google translate is currently the most popular and most frequently used.

The words you requested in Georgian are;

  • How to say hi in Georgian - Hai
  • How to saygood morning in Georgian- dila mshvidobisa
  • How to say thank you in Georgian - gmadlobt'
Georgian is spoken in Georgia but there are also communities that speak the language in Russia, USA, Israel, Turkey, Ukraine and Iran. There are around six to seven million people worldwide that speak Georgian as their first language.

If you know someone that speaks Georgian, it is good to know the basic points you have asked for but you could also have a look into learning a bit more of the language. If this is something that you wish to do, it's not as hard as going back to school as it has been in the past, there are many ways that you can do this from the comfort of your own home or community.

You can download podcasts that will teach you basic Georgian language skills and you can carry on downloading and developing your language skills as you go along. These are easy to find online and if you look on iTunes, there will be many different kinds of Georgian language teaching podcasts to choose from. Look at the ratings and the comments on these and you will find one that is suitable for you.

You can also look at doing this with other people and make an activity of it. Why not get together with your friends and listen to the podcasts together? This way, you will be able to learn together and f any of you have any problems then you will be able to ask each other. This will then become a social activity rather than learning a language.
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Hi- will be gamarjoba
good morning -will be dila mshvidobisa
thank you- will be madloba
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In Georgian Language

"hi" is written as "ჰი"
"good morning" is written as " გოოდ მორნინგ"
"Thank You" is written as "თჰანქ yოუ"

For more translation checkout the following site

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Enjoy Blurting :)

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