What Does Touché Mon Amie Mean In English?


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The expression "Touché!" (French but also commonly used in English) means "you've got a point". Well, "Touché mon ami(e)" simply means, "you've got a point, my friend".
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Touch my male friend.. I think
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You would be partially right. Touché is the french word for touch (Toucher if you want to say "to touch"). But if you wanted to say Touch my MALE friend you would say "Touché mon ami" NOT "Touché mon amie". Ami is the masculine Amie is the feminine. So the correct answer is Touch my female friend. ; )
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It means "affected my girlfriend." I know....I'm french
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Individually it would mean those things, but in context when its put together its you've got a point, my friend.

Thats why when you stump someone they usually end with touche because there is nothing more they can say.

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