What Does Douglas Mean?


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Dark water
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The name Douglas is a name of either Celtic or Gaelic origin. It is a man's last name, which means Dark Blue, Blood River and Black Hill. It is a popular Scottish last name, but in some cases, it is also the given name of the person. According to a survey in which a total of 3, 995 votes were cast, 259 people were found to have this name, 41 people said they wished they had this name and 111 named their child Douglas.

Some of the famous personalities who have or had this name are the actors Douglas Fairbanks Jr, Kirk Douglas and his son Michael Douglas (the husband of Welsh actress Catherine Zeta-Jones), and the former captain of the English cricket team, Douglas Jardine. Jardine became notorious when he led the English team during the infamous and controversial Bodyline tour to Australia in 1932-33. He, along with fast bowlers Harold Larwood and Bill Voce, were instrumental in using Bodyline tactics to counter the skills of the prolific Australian batsman Sir Donald Bradman.

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