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The surname Douglas is of Scottish origin. It is pronounced "DUG-lus." It is derived from the Gaelic name "Dubhglas" which implied "bloody river" or "dark river." Douglas was in fact, a name of a river which was witness to an ancient bloody battle in the Scottish region. The "blood of patriots" soon attained the status of a surname which was joined to the first name to a powerful line of Scottish earls. It goes without saying that "a fight spirit," valour and courage are some of the qualities perceived with the surname Douglas.

Some of the first settlers of this family name in the US were Charles Douglas who settled in New Jersey in 1685, followed by Hugh Douglas. Variations in the name "Douglas" include Duglas, Douglass, Dougless, Dowglas etc.

Some of the famous bearers or characters of this surname are:

1. Stephen Douglas: An American politician and presidential candidate (also known as "The Little Giant") who was famous for his debates with Abraham Lincoln.
2. David Douglas: Scottish botanist, one of the firsts among botanists to explore the Pacific Northwest.
3. Michael Douglas: Hollywood super-star and son of legendary actor Kirk Douglas, with hits like "Basic Instinct." "Fatal Attraction and "Romancing the Stone."
4. Larry Douglas: A famous character in Sidney Sheldon's tragic novel "The other side of Midnight."
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The name Douglas, as either a first name or a surname, comes from the Scots Gaelic word, Dubhglas meaning "black or dark river". The black or dark comes from "dubh" and "glas" meaning river. Douglas is an Anglicized version of the name, Dubhglas and should be pronounced, "Doo-glass".

There is a River Douglas but the phrase, dubhglas could be used to refer to any dark, peaty coloured river. However, there was a particularly bloody battle at the River Douglas and over time the name evolved into a Scottish surname.

Historically, the surname was among those that belonged to a powerful line of Scottish earls.

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