How Do You Say 'Have A Great Day' In Italian?


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One way to say 'have a great day' in Italian is buona giornata (pronounced bwona djor-na-ta)

This translates literally to 'good day' and is something you'll often hear Italians saying to each other whilst knocking back a quick morning café before heading off to work.

The use of the word giornata (rather than giorno) is pivotal because it implies an approximation of time between morning and evening, with particular focus on what takes place within that time.

Simply saying buongiorno, although similarly spelt, would be the equivalent of wishing someone a 'good morning' in the way you might salute a neighbour on your way to putting out the trash in the morning.

There are a number of different ways you could wish someone a great day. Spero che passi una bella giornata is another one worth writing down - it means something like 'I hope you spend a beautiful day'.  You can also use the expression ti auguro una bella giornata to 'wish' someone a great day.

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