How Do You Spell Never A Failure Always A Lesson In Arabic?


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أبدا الفشل دائما الدرس

The Arabic language is very different to that of the UK and US; in fact it is very different to most Western countries. The letters used in Arabic are completely different to that of the English language and even the pronunciations are very different. The Arabic language is most similar to Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese and Persian; this is not to say they are closely related rather they use similar pronunciation and formation compared with western languages such as French and Spanish.

It is thought that for those who speak European languages, Arabic is a very difficult language to learn. Unlike learning languages like French, the letters used in Arabic are completely different and so before you can begin to learn the language you have to get a firm grasp of the alphabet and pronunciation. It is suggested that those who are primarily left brained will find learning Arabic easier than those who are right brained.

The right side of the brain, which is usually used for creative uses and is responsible for a lot of the understanding of the English language, plays very little part in the understanding of the more complex language of Arabic. In fact truly right brained people would find it almost impossible to become fluent in Arabic, even given years to attempt to learn it. The left side of the brain, which is usually responsible for scientific, logical and maths related aspects, is much more able to understand and fathom the wide range of sounds associated with these more difficult languages.

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