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‘Rehab’ is short for ‘rehabilitation’. When one refers to rehab it means getting either body or mind back to full health. Drug rehab, to take an example, means trying to wean someone off a particular drug, either through going cold turkey by not having it at all, or administering alternative drugs to combat the damage done mentally or physically by the addiction.
Due to the chemical properties of alcohol or dangerous drugs such as heroin, mood alterations occur, both of the psychic and somatic kinds; that is to say, those not visible to the naked eye through hallucinations and inward organ failure as well as outward signs such as aggressive or relaxed behaviour. To pacify and mollify these alterations, people may ‘check into’ a rehab clinic, such as the famous Betty Ford Clinic in California, and pay professionals a lot of money to help them integrate back into normal life, which the dependency disrupted.
One may even say a career has been ‘rehabilitated’ in such a respect; the actor/ comedian Russell Brand wrote of his experiences in a sex addiction clinic, which he linked to his obsession with being liked by the opposite sex following his childhood obesity, and he links his treatment to his success (he is now married to popstar Katy Perry). Several people in the public eye who are too numerous to mention have undergone high-profile rehab sessions. Amy Winehouse’s hit song ‘Rehab’ addressed her own addictions to Class A drugs as the song mirrored her public disappearance just as the song sold by the million.
Famous rehab programmes include Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous, which fully treat the patient’s body and mind, and various psychotherapists, or ‘shrinks’, who try to formulate reasons for why someone was addicted to something in the first place (see the Russell Brand example).
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(informal) rehabilitation, esp. From alcohol or drug abuse.
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Hi, friend. I understand you, I was addicted to alcohol for a long time, through the pain I was able to quit on my own. But I feel very bad. In fact, I heard that there are many clinics that help.

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Hello. When I went to rehab for addiction treatment, I went through detox and rehab, they are necessary for addiction treatment. I found the clinic thanks to the article After a medical examination, you may be required to undergo a detox as the first step in recovery. Detoxification or detoxification is done in a medically supervised facility to treat withdrawal symptoms.

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