What Does That Mean?That Sympathy Is The Weakest Link.


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I agree with the person above me. I couldn't put it any better than she did.
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Sympathy can make a person weak in the heart and give in. For instance, suppose family members plan a family intervention to an alcoholic family member. They want to get the alcoholic rehabilitation help because his or her actions or inactions are hurting everyone. The family must stand firm or the plan will not work, in which the plan could include by not limited to refusing to financially support, allow outcries and aggressiveness, and any other things that hurt the family. If you have one family member that feels sympathetic to the family alcoholic, then they may not stand firm and the plan will fail because the alcoholic now knows that they have one family member who will continue to support them and put up with the chaos. This sympathy is the weakest link in the strong chain originally held by the family's plan of intervention.
However, there are many cases where sympathy may be the strongest link. Sympathy is never wrong. Ever. Sympathy is a great character feature, but it's the sympathy that can break the chain of a common goal, which rely strong bonds or strong links. In the end, it can thwart the plans of action.
Please have sympathy if this doesn't quite explain it for you. You can prove by example that sympathy can be a strong link. Demonstrate understanding, thanks, or empathy, which are all forms of sympathy. This quality character trait provides strong bonds within humanity, linking and uniting us all. (wink)

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