What Does My Name "Tasneem" Means?


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Tasneem (chasma) spring flowing in Paradise
It is a fountain in paradise and the word means a convex thing]
Tasneem is referenced in surat al Mutaffifin. It is a name of a heavenly fountain..whose drink is superior to the purest wine. Nectar drunk those nearest to Allah.
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Tasneem meaning: Variant of Tasnim: Fountain of paradise.
Tasneem origin: Arabic
Tasneem gender: Female
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TASNEEM: Name of a fountain in Jannahh (Paradise) whose drink is superior to the purest of wines. Its nectar will only be drunk by those nearest to Allah Ta'ala. Literally means "rich and elevated". See Holy Qur'an, Al-Al-Mutafifeen (83):27-28:

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