What Does The Name Norris Mean?


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The word Norris can trace its origin in the Old French and the meaning that the use of the word conveys is that somebody is from north. The word is considered as a masculine one and is a derivation of the word 'norreis'. Some people also relate the word with the French word nurse.

The word is very popular both as a surname and also as a first name and in modern use people are using it since the nineteenth century. As an example you can use the name of the novelist Frank Norris.

Sometimes people confuse the name with some other names though they convey quite different meanings and used in the society that is quite different. The words are Nuris, Nereus, Norrie and Morris.
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The name Norris was originally coined by the actor (Chuck Norris) who didn't want to reveal his real name. Since then others have seen it as a good name and adopted it as their own.

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