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Ria is a girl’s name of Greek origin that is a variation of Rhea. It is pronounced Ree-ah and it means flowing water. It is a popular name in Wales as it is also a river that flows through the country, which supports the meaning of ‘flowing water’. Rhea was also the ‘mother of gods’ in Greek mythology.

Rhea was married to Cronus, who overthrew his father from the throne and became with Rhea King and Queen of the gods. They ruled during what is referred to as the golden age. The name ‘mother of the gods’ came from the 6 children she had with Cronus: Poseidon, Zeus, Hades, Hera, Demeter and Hestia. The myth says that in fear of being overthrown by his own children as he did to his father, Cronus swallowed each of his children upon birth except for Zeus, whom Rhea saved. Zeus later rescued his brothers and sisters from Cronus and they all went on to oust him from the throne.

The seat of Rhea’s worship is in Crete as this is where she took her son Zeus to save him from Cronus. Instead she fed Cronus a stone wrapped in blankets which he took for the infant who was actually given by Rhea to her attendants who took care of the infant.

The River Rea flows through Shropshire in England and is a small river that also derives its name from the meaning ‘to flow’.  For more information on the name Ria visit
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Ria is a feminine name and it is pronounced REE-ah. Ria is used as a nickname of names like Maria or Victoria. The name Ria has 2 variants Rea and Rie. There are multiple opinions bout the language of origin and meaning of the name Ria.

It is of Spanish origin and means "water loving". The name Ria is also of Hindi origin. In Hindi language, variant of the name Riya is Ria. Riya in Hindi means "a singer".

A Ria is also a submergent costal land often known as a drowned valley or downed river valley. Rias are almost always like estuaries.
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Ria also means happiness in Malay language

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