What Does The Name Nehemiah Mean?


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Nehemiah means 'consoled by God'. It is a biblical name. Nehemiah is a prominent figure in the Old Testament portion of the Bible. He is the author of the biblical Book of Nehemiah. He was probably from the tribe of Judah and was the son of Hachaliah. He was originally a resident of Jerusalem before the Jews were captured and taken to Persia.

Nehemiah was the King Artaxerxes I's official cup bearer. He lived and served in the palace of Shushan. When Nehemiah heard of the pitiful desolate condition of Jerusalem- he was filled with sadness. He prayed about the matter and fasted for many days. Soon the king noticed his mournful disposition and asked him the cause for it. The king, on Nehemiah's request, provided Nehemiah will everything he would need for the restoration of Jerusalem and granted him a leave of absence to accomplish the same. Nehemiah achieved this Herculean task in just six months and was subsequently appointed governor of Judea.

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