What Is The Meaning Of The Name Cambodia?


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The English transliteration, which was taken from the French Cambodge, is Cambodia. Kampuchea however is the more direct transliteration, faithful to the Khmer pronunciation. The Khmer Kampuchea is a derivation from the ancient Khmer kingdom of Kambuja. Kambojas, was an early North Indian tribe, that took its name after their founder Kambu Svayambhuva. It is believed to be a variant of Cambyses. Kambuja or Kamboja is believed to be the ancient Sanskrit name for the tribe. The colloquial name that is use among the Khmer people, is Srok Khmae. When translated literally this means "the Khmer Land".

Since independence, Cambodia's official name has been changed several times, following the turbulent history of the country. The following names have been used in English and French since 1954. Kingdom of Cambodia, Khmer Republic, Democratic Kampuchea, People's Republic of Kampuchea and the State of Cambodia are among the various names by which Cambodia has been known

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