How Do You Say 'Peace Be With You' In Italian?


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The Italian translation of the phrase 'peace be with you' would be Che la pace sia con te/voi. This is pronounced [kay la pat-chay seeya kon voh-ee]

The expression is commonly used as a greeting, especially within religious communities.

In the Catholic faith, pax vobiscum is the Latin equivalent used as a salutation during Mass, and similarly worded phrases are mentioned in various Biblical scriptures.

In the Islamic religion, the Arabic translation As-Salāmu `Alaykum is used, and people in predominantly Muslim countries use the phrase in the same way we might use 'hello' or 'goodbye'.

The Italian word for 'peace' is pace (pronounced pat-chay) and comes from the Latin root pax

The pronoun used at the end of the phrase can vary, depending on how polite you want to be. When addressing someone informally, Italians will use the regular second-person singular form of 'you', but, as a mark of respect, Italians can also opt to use the second-person plural form voi instead.

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