What does Terra Nova mean?


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Ann Dougherty Profile
Ann Dougherty answered
It means "new land", in the sense of previously undiscovered places.  It was what explorers like Christopher Columbus and Captain Cook set sail to discover.  Is there not also a place named "Terra Nova" somewhere in Africa.  I am not sure.

crystal malcom Profile
crystal malcom answered
I believe it means new earth but not sure but I know it is a name of a park some where in Canada.
stuart oneill Profile
stuart oneill answered
"Terra" means 'Earth'. I know this from my electricity background. Not sure what "Nova" means but some research suggests 'new'.
mahesh kalgutkar Profile
Terra Nova publishes short, innovative and provocative papers of interest to a general readership and covering the broadest spectrum of the Solid Earth and Planetary Sciences. Terra Nova encompasses geology, geophysics and geochemistry, and extends to the fluid envelopes (atmosphere, the deep, environment) whenever coupling with the Solid Earth is involved.

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