What Does The Name Christine Mean?


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For many years now, prospective parents have researched names in an effort to give their child a name with meaning. Many names go back centuries and have meanings derived from Latin words and many names today are simply made-up by the parents. The name Christine is derived from the Latin language and it means a follower of Christ. It is a popular name for girls in both English speaking countries as well as France. It also has similar type related names such as Christina, and Krista.

Some of the other names that are related to the name Christine for girls are Christy, Kirsten, Kristine, and Trista. There are similar names for boys such as Chris, Christopher, Kris, and many other variations. If you want a source for finding out what different names mean there are a number of books on the market today that will help you out and there are also a number of web sites that you can use free of charge.

One such site is On this site you can research almost every conceivable name under the sun and find out what they mean and it also has a Baby Name Generator Quiz and a list of unusual baby names for parents who would like their child to stand out in the crowd. And this is a list that is only limited by your imagination as many parents these days have come up with some strange and unusual names all on their own.

The best thing to do is use your common sense. Your child's name is something they will have to carry with them the rest of their lives and saddling them with a hard to spell or pronounce name can be a handicap that they may hate you for later in life, so use precaution when making this all important decision.
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The word Christine is a name given to a girl and is the derivative of the word Christina in the French, German and the English language.

The word Christina does not signify anything other that being a Christian and this name is popular because a famous Swedish Queen was named as such. She was keenly interested in arts and philosophy and got fame because of one of her daring acts; she gave up even her royal crown to become a Roman Catholic.

There are some other variants of the name also that are being used in various societies. Some of them are Christa, Christelle and Christy, but the most popular is certainly Christine. And when you look at the census of the countries where the name is used you will come to know the popularly of the name.
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Christine is a female name with Latin origins. It means the follower of Christ. It is a popular first name and a variant of Christina. It was common both in English and French. During the 1950s Christine featured in the three most common feminine names in Britain. This name means in Christian in the Greek and Latin languages and is its feminine form.

One of the most famous people with this name is Christine Evert who was a great American tennis player. But she was known as Chris Lloyd. This name is common even today and there are many females by this name. This name is popular as a first name but also common as a surname. The variants of this name are Christa, Christelle, Christy, Kirsten, Krista, Kristine and Trista.
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Christine is a very popular female first name and a very popular surname (source: 1990 U.S. Census). The name means Christian or Follower of Christ. The name Christian is used among English speaking countries and is popular in English, German and French. It is of Latin origin. Christine name has many variant names like Christy, Krista, Kristen, Kirsten, Christie, Christina, Christy, Christe, Chrisitn and Christene. Visit the Popularity Chart of Christine name compared with the above mentioned Variant names.
Also, Visit Christine name Popularity Chart and Christine name Popularity Chart for Australia and Canada.
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Christine means that you are 4ft tall with long blonde hair that gets wavy when it gets wet.

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