What Does The Name Sandra Mean?


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I think the meaning of Sandra is beauty and eligance.
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Julii Brainard answered
It can be taken as a derivative (diminuative) of either Cassandra or Alexandra.  Alexandra is the feminine form of Alexander.  Alexander / Alexandra mean
Helper, Helper of humanity, protector of mankind, defender of mankind.

Cassandra, on the other hand, was an prophetess whose warnings got ignored. So Sandra could mean "ignored", doom-sayer, unheeded fortune teller or simply prophetess.

Cassandra, Alexander and Alexandra are all Greek in origin.

Sometimes Sandra is considered to be of Italian origin (nickname for Alessandra, the Italian version of Alexandra) else, simply as an American nickname that became a name in its own right.

One source also puts Sandra down as meaning simply "respectable". And Cassandra down as "she who ensnares men".

List of related names, stemming from Alexandra.

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