What Does My Name Ella Mean?


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In greek it means light.

It also means all in german

beautiful fairy in english

one from heaven or she(Portuguese) in spanish

-id go with light sounds the sweetest...
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The name Ella means lots of different things. Some people think it means "light" and others say it means "entire", "other", or even "goddess". Its origin is greek.
Most people don't know of the name. With the name Ella comes shyness. Its very common that someone with the name Ella isn't a very bold person. They are very quiet.
But they are really nice once you get to know them. Most people can't remember the name Ella most of the time. Ella is a beautiful name full of meaning.
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It means beautiful fairy woman
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My name is Ella and when the doctors brought me to my mom in 1997 the said Princess was the meaning of Ella, It has stuck with ever since then so Ella means Princess. : )
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The girl's name Ella \e(l)-la\ is pronounced EL-ah. It is of Old German origin, and its meaning is "other, foreign". Also short form of Eleanor and Ellen. Elle (el) is a variant made familiar by supermodel Elle MacPherson. Singer Ella Fitzgerald.

Ella has 7 variant forms: Elle, Ellee, Ellesse, Elli, Elly, Ellie and Elly.
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Ella means Bright light or Torch. I named my daughter this name because she was my bright light. I spelled it Ellah this name! Also realize that One name can have different meaning's in different cultures/countries. Understand?
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Hey. Can I just say that I'm called Ella, and the last thing I am is shy!!!! I am a loud, dramatic, proud, passionate person. Shy I am not!!! For me I think the meaning that corresponds most with me as an Ella is the meaning  "light"/"torch".

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