What Does The Name Dulce Mean?


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The name "Dulce" is a name for girls. It is believed to be of Latin origin and is believed to mean something like "sweet". The name saw a sort of revival during the twentieth century. It is pronounced as "DOOL-cee". There is a similar name called Dulcinea which was created by Miguel de Cervantes in the book "Don Quixote". The lead character Don Quixote idealized a woman from a nearby village called Dulcinea, even though she was not beautiful at all.

The name Dulce has over twenty different variations including Delcina, Dulce, Dulci, Dulcia, Dulcy, Dulcibelle etc.

There is also a place in New Mexico in the United States called Dulce. It is a town with a population of approximately two thousand six hundred and twenty. Dulse on the other hand is the name of a red alga.

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