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Dataware is an American company that develops and creates gaming software. The company is well known for the mini game, Quad Quest, and also for children's learning games such as a computerized coloring book. There are coloring books to suit all children, from dinosaur books, animals, plants, trains, numbers, fairy tales, monsters, trucks, planes and baby animals.

Dataware also develops what are known as 'retro computer games' which tends to be classic games that were on the early computers and people still find highly addictive and entertaining despite the basic concept and advancement of modern computer games.

The main aim of these games are to provide easy to use controls and simplicity for the enjoyment of players who are not interested in the louder, brighter and more complicated games that are usually released today. The games challenge and stimulate players mental abilities as they must use strategy and plan their moves in advance to succeed.

Dataware is based in Mississippi and was founded in 1994, it has become very successful since the development of the Internet and their website, datawaregames.com which was first launched in 1999. More and more people now visit their site to play the games. Games can either be trialled for free or downloaded for a small fee. The website is unlike that of other gaming websites in that players can trial the games for as long as they wish whereas other websites have time restrictions.

Not only does Dataware develop educational programs for children but they also developed educational games for adults. Finance packs can help adults balance their accounts and manage their money most effectively. A finance pack also comes with a free bonus pack of retro computer games: Included in the pack is:
  • Checkbook
  • Creditcard manager
  • Winged Warrior
  • Supernova
  • Stamp Pad
  • Sliding puzzle
  • Ant attack
  • Find the flag
  • Fire fighter
  • Letter drop
  • Letter drop 2

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