What Is The Definition Of Respect?


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Respect is basically an attitude that is shown towards any individuals' feelings or interest. It is acknowledging another's feelings in any kind of relationship. It may not necessarily be feelings shared between individuals but could also be referred to animals, groups or between countries. It implies to very phrase 'treat others the way you want to be treated.' Respect is also considered as a synonym for politeness or manners.

The attitude of respects is inculcated in every person right from childhood. It is first thought to us at home and then at a school level. Intercultural differences in behaviours and some kind of superficial facade may reveal some signs of disrespect.
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Respect means to be polite to others   if you want to be respected always remember respect others and others will respect you
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Respect means more to some people then other people can ever dream of.  
Some people think respect is showing that you will listen to them  
when they speak, others think of it as doing favors for the other  
To gain trust,and friendship, all depend on if you are humble [not proud or arrogant; modest]
enough to show respect and worthy enough to gain respect.respect of property.  
This includes anything from writing on a desk at school to stealing  
from a department store. Property, whether it is the school's, a  
company's, a stranger's, or a friends, should always be respected.  
Respect means taking that extra few seconds to drive the speed limit  
so as not to hit anyone or anything. It means not smashing a pumpkin  
at Halloween just for fun. It means not throwing that piece of trash  
on the ground. Respect others, others as in your parents, teachers,  
friends, strangers, everyone. Adding sir and ma'am to the end of a  
sentences is showing respect.We develop great respect for people we  
consider honest and lose respect for those we discover to be fake, and  
so we may try to  respect only those who are truly worthy of our  
Respect is everything like listening with out interrupting, taking  
your parent's feelings into consideration, keeping an open mind,  
agreeing to disagree, trying to understand your parent's viewpoint,  
loving yourself, trust and honesty, giving each other space,  
nonviolence, direct communication, building a person up instead of  
tearing them down, friendship, and not pressuring other people.
To have self-respect means to accept yourself. Not only do you have to  
turn your negatives into positives, but you must also accept your  
lives as they are. Once you gain self-respect, you will be happy with  
who you are. In order to achieve this goal, you must accept your  
family, yourself, and your limitations.  The definition of respect is  
to show regard or consideration for: To respect someone's rights; to  
refrain from intruding upon or interfering with: To respect a person's  
If you don't have respect for yourself that you won't have respect for someone else.
Being polite, saying please, thank you, and your welcome is showing respect for other people.
When talking to someone look them in the eye and pay attention, don't look away or cut them off or ignore them, that's not respect.
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It means to show that you respect them by not lying, not disobeying and show your manners.
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Respect means to treat people the way, you would like to be treated. You should consider the feelings of others. Not to do or say anything that you can not live with later. If you respect yourself, respecting others will come easy. Take care.
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Showing manners .
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The word respect can be used both as a verb and as a noun and it describes your feeling that you have when you admire a person for his good qualities. Given below is a example that can make you understand the use of the word: I have great respect for Joan of Arc because of her bravery and determination to fight for her nation.

The word can also convey the meaning of a polite behaviour or care that you have for somebody whom you think is very important. The word has its idiomatic uses also and in business terms you can use the term 'in respect of something' to convey the idea of concerning.

When you are using the word as a verb it is not usually used in the progressive sentences and it conveys the idea of having good opinion about somebody.
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Respect means treating other people the way you want to be treated but remember*** to win respect *** you have to start respecting yourself****** " think about it"   ****** its very true******  (11 yrs)
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I think the definition of respect is giving a person or animal attention that he/she deserves. You should be scared of them or listen to them. It's a thing we need to learn in our everyday life, and when you give someone the respect, it is more than likely you will be treated the same.
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Respect means not picking the neighbor's flowers or hurting their dog. It means picking up trash when you see it rather than leaving it lie there. Respect means keeping my dog quiet at night time and not doing fireworks when people are trying to sleep. Respect means smiling at old people even when they don't smile at you. Respect is awesome - you give it away and you get it back.
Alejandro Botello (Age 12)
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Respect is something you give and something you expect back. I think that everyone is worth respect from fellow people or students.
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I think the definition of respect is giving a person or animal the attention and consideration it diserves. It's a thing we need to learn in our everyday life, and when you give someone the respect, it is more than likely you will be treated the same.
Carma comes around.
Respect is something we should always use, and even if you think an opinion is wrong, back it up and show that you care.
It could go from a little ant, to a 7 foot man. We all need respect and I'm glad that we all have it with us in the world!
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It vary from person to person..every person has some objective and motto in my opinion what you like and expect from the others. If it matches your quality and thinking than it gives the meaning  of respect.
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In my opinion the meaning of respect is mutual understanding between the person  feelings.and when feelings are involved than love is  also there means respect is there.

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