What Is The Legal Definition Of A Noise Nuisance?


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The Noise Act (1996) defines noise as an unwanted sound which will be termed a statutory nuisance if it can be deemed serious enough to damage a person's health. This would include sleep loss and any interference with relaxation in a person of "normal sensitivities". In the UK noise levels are defined in certain circumstances. For example, the levels of permitted noise from licensed establishments is set at a specific decibel level. It is also known that prolonged exposure to noise levels of 90 decibels or over can lead to hearing loss so any noise of this type could be considered to be a nuisance. This category includes diesel traffic, lawnmowers, trains and tractors. IT is clearly not possible to prevent all these noises given current technology and the important role these noisy activities play in our lives. Therefore the rules are enforced with due consideration for all parties involved.

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