How Do I Say "I Do" In Spanish?


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You say 'I do' as 'Hago'. For more information and authentication, visit the following link.
I Do in Spanish
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I Do - it could be used in many different contexts so it may be said in different ways

I -(yo) do(hacer)
Yo lo hago ( I am doing it)
I do ( accepto) when using it as in when asked do you take this man for a husband( I Do) yo accepto
it can get complicated .....research it in the internet / spanish verbs and adverbs
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I DO= can be translate in many forms, depends of the situation:

Sí acepto, if you agree with something, like if you get married, the judge asks do you accept this woman for marriage?...Yes I do...Sí Acepto....
Sí hago= if you are going to explain what you do...
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An even more simple answer for people who are still searching this question:

"Yo Hago" as in you are explaining/doing something in a way.

"Yo Accepto" as in you are about to get married or agreeing to something.

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Yo hago. But the verb may change it really depends on the context in which you are using it.
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Que hago

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