How Do You Pronounce "Family Forever" In Italian? It's My Next Tattoo.


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"Familigia per sempre" is the best translation of what you are trying to say.

It is pronounce Fam-eel-ya pehr semp-reh.
"Sempre Famiglia" does mean 'always family', but doesn't necessarily have the same positive connotations as 'Family Forever' does in English. It also isn't a commonly used expression.
So if you're thinking of getting this phrase tattooed, I sincerely suggest you opt for "Famiglia per Sempre" (you can add the article 'la' at the beginning if you want).

You can also use the abbreviation 'x' instead of 'per' - this is the mathematical symbol for multiplication in Italian, and is also pronounced 'per').

So "Famiglia x Sempre" is another phrase you might want to consider getting inked.
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"Family Forever" in Italian is translated as "la famiglia per sempre".  Check out the following site this will be of great help if you want translate more words.

free translation
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That was helpful. I am actually looking to get that as a tattoo as well. But I've seen some different translations. Sempre Famiglia if you google it comes up Family forever. But the italian translation for family forever is La Sempre per Famiglia. If you Put Sempre Famiglia in and translate to English is is Always Family. Of course the Sempre Famiglia is easier and looks better to tattoo. It's also pretty much the same message, I just liked the family forever saying. Do you know if it can be used as that too?

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