What Is The Latin Translation Of The English Phrase, "Unconditional Love Binds Us Forever"


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The Latin translation for the English phrase, "Unconditional love binds us forever" is "accredo amor concateno usquequaque". Unconditional love basically is a thought which means displaying love towards an individual regardless of his or her acts or thinking.

It is a notion similar to true love, an expression which is more often applied to portray love among family members. It has also been applied in quiet a few religious texts to illustrate God's love for mankind. A few secular authors point out dissimilarities amid unconditional love and conditional love.

Love is shared and given freely to the loved one no matter what. Unconditional love is also applied to address an act of will regardless of feelings. Analyst David Schnarch was well known for evaluating traditional views of unconditional love against "conditioned' love in nuptial relationship.

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