What Does Lance Mean?


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The word lance is defined as a spear, which is a long pointed rod used as a weapon. To lance also means to move quickly, as if by cutting one's way. A lance is an implement that has a shaft and a barbed point. It is used for the purpose of catching fish.

To lance is a verb which means to pierce with a lance. Knights often use lances to pierce their opponents' defences in duels. To lance is to open something by piercing it with a lancet. A lancet is defined as a surgical knife. It has a pointed double-edged blade. It is used to make punctures and small incisions in the skin.

Any pole weapons which are based on the spear are commonly referred to as lances. Most lancers are spears, but lances are larger in size than other types of spears. The tips of longer and heavier lances do not break off as easily as those of shorter and lighter lances.
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Lance can be used as as a verb as well. For example, I have a pustule on my eye, and when it is lanced, the infection is released with an understanding that it may return.

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