What Does The Name, Meg, Mean?


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The name Megan is a short form for the name Megan or Meghan. It is also the short form for the name Margarita. Megan is pronounced as MEG-an. Margaret means 'pearl' in Welsh. This implies that the name Meg has a Welsh origin. There are 14 variant forms to Megan out of which Meg is one of the popular 5.

Meg is a popular first name. It is the name of the famous character in Phantom of the Opera. In the novel Little Women, the eldest March sister bears the name Meg. The most famous holder of the name Meg is undoubtedly the star of You've got Mail and French Kiss, Meg Ryan. The name Meg echoes with quality of enthusiasm and child-like spirit and curiosity.
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The meaning of the name Meg is Pearl
The origin of the name Meg is English

Notes: Short form of Megan or Margaret. Meg Ryan, actress.
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Meg is a short or pet form of the popular girl's name Margaret. In the 19th century, Meg was often used for girls who were christened Margaret (Louisa Alcott's "Little Women" is an example.) It then went out of fashion, and is now often given as a name in its own right (like Meg Ryan.)

Margaret can be traced all the way back to Biblical times, as it comes from a Hebrew word margaron, meaning "pearl." This became a name, Margarites, in ancient Greek, then Latin Margarita (as it still is in several languages) and Marguerite in French. Margaret is the English version; it was very popular in the Middle Ages, partly because of its meaning: the word "pearl" had conotations of Chritian purity.

Several saints and Queens have also borne the name. Margaret has various short and pet forms including Meg, Peggy, Madge, Maggie and Marge. The name Daisy is also linked to Margaret, probably because of the daisy-like white flower, Marguerite.

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