What Does The Name Sacha Mean?


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The name Sacha, like its other spelling Sasha (the latter is more typical in English-speaking countries) originated in Russia. In Russia, Sacha is a popular pet name or nickname for both boys and girls (though more common for boys) based on the ancient Greek name Alexander (or its feminine form Alexandra.)

The original Greek name was Alexandros, meaning "defender and warrior" or "man who defends." Mainly because of the 4th century BC Macedonian king Alexander the Great, it has been a popular name all over Europe and other areas for hundreds of years.

In modern Britain and the US, Sacha or Sasha is more often given to girls than to boys, probably because the "a" ending is typical for girls' names. However, recently it has acquired a higher profile as a boy's name because of the fame of comedian Sacha Barron Cohen (creator of Ali G and Borat.)
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My name is Sascha and yes I am a girl.. Named after sylvester soloan's first wife( telling my age now) when I was about 12 I looked up my name in a baby book it said little helper and had a picture of a baby with stethescope around it's neck.  Presently I guess the meaning means protector of man. I don't know any more I am just glad when people spell my name right:)
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I'm sasha and I'm a girl so there!!!
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I'm female and I'm SACHA!!! =)
Meaning of my name:... Protector Of Men

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