What Does The Name Matthias Mean?


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The name Matthias is a boy's name. It is derived from German origins and is generally pronounced as ma-THYE-us. The name is believed to be a variation of the name Mathew, which was a Hebrew name. Mathew was believed to mean "gift of the Lord" in its original tongue of Hebrew. Matthew was, as is seen in the Bible, to have been a disciple who replaced Judas on being selected by lot. The name Matthias has also three variant forms including Mathias, Mattias and Matias. Matthias though considered to be a rare first name in this day and age was the name of several notable people in history including a German King Matthias who was a Holy Roman Emperor, Matthias Flacius who was a Lutheran reformer, Matthias Grunewald a German renaissance figure of considerable importance etc.

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