What Is The Meaning Of Prestige?


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Prestige means 'appearance of value'.
If something gives a person prestige, it adds to their perceived status.
Your prestige could be enhanced by association with a famous person, by an exceptional achievement, by a sudden loss of weight or by a lifetime career as a rebel - it depends who is assessing/ascribing the status, according to what criteria. Generally 'prestigious' means 'seen to be valued highly ', or conveying that quality. Brands like to be considered prestigious, because then possession of them conveys status in itself - that's the idea. So if you rate nike, new nike trainers are prestigious for you. If you don't, then they aren't.

This is more difficult to define than I thought however, so please dictionaries also!
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Prestige is a word usually used to explain the reputation or respect, despite the fact that it has three rather associated meanings that, to some amount, may be differing. Which means apply depends on the past and historical situation and the human being using the word.
Initially, prestige referred to self-importance, which was taken as a symbol or character of poor flavor. In this view, the word had firmly negative suggestions. Without a doubt, the root or origin of the word "prestige" approaches from the Latin præstigum, meaning a vision or a deception. In a few Romance languages and story language "prestige" retains this innovative meaning.

Presently, prestige developed an optimistic and hopeful meaning: It gives details high regard and a hard status. Organizations, rewards, and actions could be explained as "prestigious"; in this case, it would be constructive and helpful to be linked with them. Frequently, "prestige" also takes an air of connection with the upper and high class. This is the use of the word most general nowadays, recognizable and familiar to all social program and classes within English language civilizations.
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Prestige is a Value term, having to do with rank in a given environment or culture. One who has Prestige is considered important in the realm of whatever he has prestige in.
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" Recognized achievements or reputation ". The level of respect at which one is regarded by others; standing. A person's high standing among others; honor or esteem.

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