What Does Overt Mean?


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Open or Visible
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It means like obviously or puposefully. "He was overtly trying to get my attention". Hope this helped.
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Overt is used to refer to that which is not concealed and highly obvious. Something that is observable and conspicuous, it is not a secret.

Overt may also relate or pertain to something that is of military or intelligence operations which have the sanction of the Congress.

The term overt is used in a branch of criminal law to refer to conduct which leans more towards the commission or sanction of an offensive or criminal act than performing acts of planning and conspiracy which may eventually lead to conduct of such a nature.
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Lol yes
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Simply speaking, overt means something which is observable and not concealed. Overt is something which is publicly open. An 'overt act' is an open act which implies a criminal nature. In fact, an overt act is mandatory to depict an attempt to commit a crime. Information in the form of evidence is to establish a criminal intent, rather than a mere plan to commit an offence. '

In military, an 'overt operation' is an operation done openly, without resorting to any kind of concealment. An overt channel is a virtual road of communication for approved data transmission within a computer network. Internet, for example, is an overt channel. The 'overt infection' is a host-parasite contact that causes injury to the tissues of the host. 'Overt information' pertains to information collected from published sources.

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