What Is Meant By Person And Personality?


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Example of human personalities.
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Person and personality both of these terminologies are related to a human being.
An individual human being is usually referred as a person. When we don't know any specific human name then we call him/her by general term that is person. Person can be any human being in this world, either male or female. Simply we can say that person is the general terminology use for any anonoumous or known individual human being.

While on the other hand personality is the reflection of, an individual human character or their habits. Via personality we can judge a person that how is that person. Personality can be refer to as the dressing of an individual person, means if a person is dressed well and have good dressing sense then he/she must belong to some good family and also have money. And on the other hand personality can also be referring to as the personal character and behavior of a person. Via the talking style and also by the method of sitting in good society, shows the personality of a person. If he is not a good and high caliber man then his/her personality is not according to the society.

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