What Is Meant By Warehousing? What Is Meant By Logistics?


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Warehousing is a term used to denote the storage of a product, service, or data at a designated repository or storage area for the purpose of safety, security, or transit. At a physical level, a warehouse could be a large building or enclosed space that can be used to store a product before moving it on further to the next point. Warehousing is also possible in the virtual world of computers, where large virtual repositories are used to store data.

Logistics, on the other hand, involves the movement of products, applications, services, etc. over a proper framework. More than the movement itself, it is the science of managing this kind of movement. The term logistics is nowadays used in different fields of our lives – it is used in business, in the defence, in computer science, etc. The essential definition across these branches remains the same, and logistics is nowadays considered an entire science by itself.

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