What Is Meant By Domain And Workgroup?


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A domain is a network of computers and devices, which have an administrator who keeps the computers and devices working as a single unit. Domains within the network are defined by use of an IP address. The devices all share a common IP address and therefore they belong to the same domain.

When talking about database technology a domain refers to allowed values because they possess the same attributes. The attributes are semantic or logical and this is the physical description for a domain within database technology.

We also, come across the term public domain because of the use of the Internet today. Things like clip art, images, text, programs, etc. which do not have a copyright are objects said to be within the public domain. Many believe they can copy and use them as they want because they are within the public domain. However, anything, which is copyrighted is not within the public domain and may not be copied. For instance a person's Website is copyrighted whether you see a copyright symbol on it, or do not see a copyright symbol on the website. Public domain means it is seen by the public, but this not permit the public to copy it.

A workgroup is created by two or more individuals sharing computer files and/or databases. You perhaps have seen the letters (LANS) this means local network, and local networks are designed so electronic sharing of data can take place. For instance there could be fifty or more people within a company all using the same database, and this would be a workgroup, set up on a local network.

One type of software used by a workgroup is Groupware, and with groupware a workgroup can all share documents, have threaded discussions, build a calendar and schedule meetings. Because a workgroup functions within a local network (the office, company, corporation, etc) only the members of the workgroup have access to the information. You or I could not share the same documents, etc. which the workgroup is sharing.

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