What Is Meant By Clarity?


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Clarity is the noun form of the very common adjective (also verb) CLEAR. As an adjective clear means transparent (able to be seen through, like a clean window); pure, clean or bright, as in "a clear day" or "a clear conscience" or without any obstructions or obstacles ("You can drive on now that the road is clear.")

The verb to clear has fewer meanings and basically means to empty something of clutter, obstacles etc (eg "a clearing" is a treeless space in a wood; the trees have been "cleared" away.

The noun clarity is closer to the first adjective meaning: it implies brightness, cleanness or lack of impairment ("to see with perfect clarity" means that you have 100% perfect vision; "to explain with clarity" means that you explain in such a way that the listener understands everything. Clarity should be one of the chief goals of good writing or speechmaking.

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