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Definition of Personality
Personality is a sum total of habits, traits, characteristics of an individual. It is actually a force or power to do things. Some people have more power and some have less e.g. an army officer has the power and knowledge about security issues whereas a professor may have knowledge and powers on educational issues.

Another important aspect of personality is intelligence quotient or IQ. In a job situation employers are interested it see how quickly employees can pick up instructions, learn more new skills and adapt to the change in demands such skills are rewarded and helpful in developing a successful career for the individuals and increase in organizations profit.

In today's organizations people from diverse cultures and sub-cultures come to work. If some one comes from a rural or urban back ground they will have different ways of looking at different entities which makes it harder to deal with them. It is difficult to get work done by these people because they will not work if they are dealt with in same monotonous manner. How singular people observe unlike things because of their cultural back ground. In an organization, when individuals are asked to perform a task every one may not be willing to do it depending on how they perceive their orders. Human relations becomes important in such situations if the supervisor can access the situation, mood, and personality of the employees and then give orders and get he work done. The supervisors should appreciate individual diversity and act accordingly.
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Personality is basically the sum total of our inner and outer attributes; while outer personality helps us to be accepted,liked and loved, inner traits make long lasting impressions and relationships helping us suceed and grow throughout our lives.
Personality Development is a continuous process which a person at any tine develop through concious efforts towards the attainment of a 'better self'.
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The term personality refers basically to the type of person an individual is. The word comes from the Middle English word "personalite", taken from the Old French, and derived from the Latin word "persona" meaning person. The term refers to the description of the behavioural, mental and emotional traits of a human being. It is a term studied and referred to, to quiet an extent in personality psychology; which deals with such things as personality types, personality disorders etc. For a lay man the personality of a person can be defined as pleasing, short tempered, arrogant etc based on their obvious demeanour.

Personality can also be used in an abstract sense to refer to the characteristics or feel of a room, a car etc.
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It's what makes you unique as an individual.
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Personality is the outcome of a continuous personal quality development process.

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The inner psychological characteristic that both determine and reflect how a person response to his or her environment
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Although it is common to mistakenly attribute personality to animals, personality is really only those attributes of behavior (with influences from appearance) which distinguish homo-sapiens specimens as unique persons.

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It means your character you use to be, sometimes personality comes in different aura and different views whoever sees you, personality tend to be of what and who you are
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Personality means the time of person someone is. It can be described by their mood, traits, actions, etc.
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Personality is the kind of force that a person used them to the public and to get the actrual results from the sociwty

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