Is The Surname Bolger Of Irish Origin?


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It is infact derived from the Irish O'Boguidhir and appears as Bolger in it's anglicized form.
Until the end of the sixteenth century the usual form was o'Bulgire or occassionaly O'Boulger.
It was suggested by Woulfe that O'Bolguidhir was derived from bolg odhar or yellow belly.
The name is associated with the area of south-west Leinster, It was part of a sept that produced many physicians to the chiefs of Leinster.
Tere were many references to the name in the C15/C16 for tenants, jurors, phsicians and clergy in County Kilkenny.
It is most likely that most Bolgers in Ireland are from O'Bolguihdir origins although a minrity could be from the English surname Bolger from the Old French boulgier or maker of leather bags.

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