Is The Surname Urrutia Of Basque Origin?


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Yes, from the province of Urrutia in the Bay of Biscay.
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Sure it is. In the following web-site you can check where a surname is established in Spain. Urrutia appears especially in the Basque regions of Biscay/Vizcaya (1704 people have it) and Navarra(671). Rest of Spain has quite less frequent of this surname just due to migration processes.
I cannot assure it which is the origin of Urrutia. But "Urrun" means "Far" in Basque language. Many Basque surnames are linked to places as "Goirizelaia = High Field",  "Garamendi = High Mountain" (Garai and Goiri should come from the same root; please take in account that Basque language has some differences between towns and valleys; as it was spoken in places with difficult accessibility).
(Please forgive possible grammatical and orthography mistakes; English is not my mother tongue as it can be guessed).

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