What Other Ways Are There To Spell Nicole?


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There are loads of ways to spell Nicole, including the following:

  • Nicchole
  • Nichole
  • Nicole
  • Nikkole
  • Nikole
  • Nacole
  • Nakole
  • Nachole
Interestingly, the name Nicole rose in popularity during the 70s and remained quite trendy until the early 2000s, when it dropped out of use considerably.

So what is the meaning behind the name Nicole?

Nicole is a feminine name that's used as both a forename and a surname.  Nicole is of Greek origin, and is derived from the more masculine name Nicholas.  Used as a surname, the name originates from the Netherlands.  Nicole means "victorious people".

Famous people with the name Nicole

There are quite a few famous people with the name Nicole, including the following:

  • Nicole Sherzinger - The Pussycat Dolls
  • Nicole Cabell - opera singer
  • Nicole Krauss - writer
  • Nicole Anderson - actress
  • Nicole Kidman - actress and singer

I personally think that Nicole is a very pretty name, although I prefer "Nicole" to any of the other spelling variations.

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