How Many Ways Can You Spell Josephine?


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Just like any name, you can choose to spell 'Josephine' whatever way you want. There is no right or wrong when it comes to choosing a spelling. It is often considered to be a female version or variant of the male name 'Joseph.'

According to website there are around 35 different forms or variants of the name 'Josephine.' There are also three alternative ways to spell it. Of course there are probably many other ways of spelling it but this website includes the following examples:

• Josefene
• Josephene
• Josephyne

The website also quotes the following as variations of the name or those that have evolved from it:

• Fifi
• Fina
• Joline
• Joette
• Jo
• Josette
• Josephyna
• Josianna
• Josiane
• Josephina
• Josee
• Josefena
• Guiseppina
• Josie
• Jozsa
• Josy
• Fifine

Today, Josephine still remains as a popular choice for a female first name. It is not a very common surname for people though. According to the website, it comes in as being the 121st most popular name for girls out of a total of 4276 names.

Around the year 1880 the name peaked in popularity; since then there has been a decline in the number of people choosing the name until the mid-1960s. From then on it has been enjoying a steady rise in popularity.

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