Is There A Different Way To Spell "Honor", Like "Honour"?


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Spelling of certain words depends on where you are from. "Honour” is how it is spelt in the English dictionary, where "Honor” is the American spelling. Neither is incorrect but it is entirely up to you which one you use. The spelling should generally depend upon whereabouts you are holding the ceremony.

Honour or honor comes from the Latin would honos or honoris. It is defined as the evaluation of person’s social status as judged by that individual’s community. Doctor Samuel Johnson, the writer of the first ‘A Dictionary of the English Language’ in 1755, described honour as having several different senses. The first was a "nobility of soul, magnanimity, and a scorn of meanness”, which is derived from virtuous conduct. The second definition is in relation to a person’s reputation and fame and respect. In respect to women, honour can also mean virginity or fidelity in the case of a married women.

Honour can also be used as a baby girl’s name, as can the alternative spelling of Honor, and they both have the meaning ‘woman of honour’. Variations of this Latin based name include Honora, Honoria and Honorah.

With regards to the further information given in your question, don’t let this person tell you that you are wrong to spell ‘honour’ as you did. Both spellings are in fact correct but if you were going to pick one, I would suggest ‘honour’ as it looks more formal for a wedding. Of course, it is entirely up to you which spelling that you choose, just make sure that you don’t let this person push you into making changes to your wedding invitations. Americans and the British just have slightly different variations when it comes to spelling certain words like ‘honour’ and also ‘colour’ (British) and ‘color’ (American) and ‘cheque’ (British) and ‘check’ (American).
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Honor and Honour are one and same thing. It means respect. Honor is an American Dictionary word whilst Honour is English Dictionary word. You can write it the way you like.
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Honor refers to the highest moral principles of honesty, integrity and sincerity and the absence of deceit or fraud. The word is spelled different in U.S English and U.K English. It is spelled as Honour in the British English and Honor in U.S English. Both spellings are correct.
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For an invitation it is usually spelled "honour". You are right. That is the way I type it out most of the time for the invitations I do unless the customer wants it spelled the other way.
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Fiercely defend your right to spell it as either of those two should someone confront you. Honor is the United States form of the U.K. English word Honour. It's similar to colour and color, and check or cheque.
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Honor is the american english way of saying it but for england you spell it like honour
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Honor is the american version and honour is the english version but when you are writing an invitation you must use the word honour to me it's more formal.

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