What Is The Origin Of Last Name 'Nicol'?


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The name is Norman in origin. The surname is derived from the Greek word meaning victorious.Nicol. Nicoll, Nichol, Nicholl are diminutives of the name Nicholas or Nicholas.

In some cases the name Nichol or Nicol may be a shortened form of MacNicol.A David Nicholl was afrater of Cambuskenneth Abbey in 1546.Weekley stated that 'the Normans transformed Lincoln in England into Nicol - this was common in early chronicles.

Early references in Scotland are Richard de Lincoln granted land in the territory of Mole to the Abbey of Kelso around AD 1100.In another charter the same man is referred to as Richard de Nichole.

The Nicols are linked to the MacNicols and I have written more about them in the question 'Where did the name come from in Scotland'.

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