How Many Ways Are There To Spell Francesca?


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There are six variants of the name Francesca which I can think of:

  1. Franca
  2. Franceska
  3. Franchesa
  4. Franchesca
  5. Francisca
  6. Franciska

Francesca, meaning "French", is of Italian and Latin origin.

In Latin, it relates to the male name Franciscus meaning "free" - the Italian form is 'Frances', which dates back to the 13th century in honour of Francis of Assisi. 

One of the most famous ladies given this name was Francesca di Rimini who was the daughter of Giovanni da Polenta, Count of Ravenna.

Some Famous Francescas include:

Francesca Annis - British Actress

Francesca Dani - The American Cosplay model

Francesca Capaldi - American child actress

Francesca Lubiani - Italian tennis player

Francesca Martinez - British comedienne

Francesca Simon - author of the "Horrid Henry" series

Francesca Battistelli - American Christian Musician

Francesca Piccinini - Italian Volleyball Player

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