Is There A Different Way To Spell The Name Penelope?


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Sometimes the name 'Penelope' may be pronounced as ''pi-naye-lope'' (happened to my friend at school). I think you can just make up your own spelling, and that name could spread around, and be known, like Penelope, which means that YOU created a NEW name, which is indeed an honour :D Or maybe just change some letters to other letters that sound the same, maybe Pinelopi? Maybe even Phenelope (I really like this one!) ? Penelophe (I think this sounds weird). Phenelopi (I like this one :D) Penalope, Pinalope?
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Arghhhhhhh! Tooo many Pie's!..and penelipes , or penelope's orr...Penelophe , got the point! 8) great answer!

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