What Is The History Of The Last Name Pineda And The Last Name Quijada?


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Pineda is a surname of Castillian origin, north central Spain. It comes from the village of Pineda, in Burgos. There, the Pinedas were perpetual Regidores (Regidor: who formed part of the town council. The job of regidor was held for life, or during the govern of the supreme authority).
Also, they were found in Salamanca and Sevilla. They were court clerks and co-founders of the Real Maestranza de Caballeria.
In 1737, King Phillip V of Spain conceded the title of Count of Villapineda to D. Pedro de Pineda Enciso.
Nowadays it's a popular surname in Spain, around 15.000 people share the surname Pineda.
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Quijada is an spanish origin surname, the word could have the origin in the arab word qiyada, that means command or commander. This word could have changed from Quixada later to Quijada (changing the y for x).
There is a family of Quijada from the Basque region. They also come from La Mancha region in Central Spain. It is popular for being the surname of the famous character Don Quixote.
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