What Does The Name Cicely Mean?


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Cicely is actually a feminine name. It is pronounced as SISS-a-lee. It is a variant of the English name Cecily which in turn was derived from another name i.e. Cecilia. Actually it means blind. This name was very common and popular during the medieval times. Even today it is a common first name but it is very rare to find someone whose surname is Cicely. Some of the famous people by this name are actresses Cicely Courtneidge and Cicely Tyson.    Cicely is also the name of a plant that belongs to the family Apiceae. This plant is also known as sweet cicely. This plant is originally from central Europe. It is the sole member of the genus Myrrhis. It is a perennial plant with finely divided and feathery leaves. It has white flowers and slender seeds. It is used as an herb in Germany and Scandinavia and flavour a beverage named akvavit. Its oils are also extracted for several uses.

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