An explanation on Abioseh Nicol's The meaning of Africa?


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The greatest part of poetry is the fact that it is generally open to interpretation. Novels tell a story which is so descriptive that it should make you feel that you are there and should leave no doubt in your mind as to the scenario. Poems on the other hand, although still descriptive, use a more vague style of writing which allows the reader to interpret the words in a way that means something to them.

  • What it means to me
The poems length shows to me that Abioseh Nicol is very passionate about the subject of the poem and was intent on getting all of his deepest feelings out for others to read.

  • Sense of isolation
The poem appears to follow quite a logical path, almost like a story but with less detail for us to build on. The beginning of the poem portrays the sense of distance from his home country and the feeling of not belonging in the country he now resides. Nicol appeared to feel lost and desired to return to his homeland of Africa. This sense of isolation follows through into the second stanza.

  • Africa
The stanza to follow is used to describe his return to Africa and the pride and sense of belonging that he feels. However, this feeling is short lived, as he soon feels disappointed at the lack of development and feeling of pointlessness witnessed by people around him.

  • Your perspective
Rather than taking the interpretation of someone else it is advisable to read the poem carefully and understand it using your own past experience and thoughts. This poem is a very moving account of the way many Africans feel especially those who are living away from their home country. For those in a similar situation, the poem will be a very touching account of the way they feel.

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