What Does My Name Brandon Mean?


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There are two different schools of thought as to where the name Brandon has originated from; The first is a a variant of the Irish name Brendan which comes from the Gaellic Breand°n, meaning Prince. The second claim is that it is a variant of the surname Branton derived from the Old English words Brom, referring to a broom or brushwood and Dun meaning hill. Your surname would usually be indicative of the place you were from or the job you performed in the village, so if your surname was Branton, it would most likely mean you hailed from near the brushwood or broom hill.

Brandon has been in use as a first name since the nineteenth century, and has enjoyed popularity mainly as a boys name but has been used for girls as well. It gained popularity during the 1940s, the iconic status and cool persona of the actor Marlon Brando was believed to have been an influence. At the height of its popularity in the mid 1980s over one and a half per cent of baby boys were called Brandon. Aaron Spellings hit adolescent soap opera Beverley Hills 90210, whose lead character Brandon Walsh, played by teenage heart throb Jason Priestley is also likely to have been a factor. Other famous Brandons include Superstar Disc Jockey Brandon Block and Jackass contributor Bam Margera, whose real name is Brandon Cole Margera.
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The Irish meaning of Brandon could mean Prince, or fiery sword.
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What I get from mixing all the name meanings together is: Tip or point,

little but precise
fiery and precision
beacon and sword
prince and brave

sharp for peace (Truth)
or sharp for the little things
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Brandon is an Old English name meaning "sword". Other versions of the name include Branden, Brenden and Brent.
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English meaning of Brandon:
from the beacon hill, broom hill, or gorse hill
Irish meaning of Brandon:
little raven, prince, or brave.

American meaning of Brandon:
Variant form of Branton, a surname that originated from English place-names composed of the Old English elements brom (broom, brushwood) and dun (hill): Hence, "dweller near the brushwood hill."

Old English meaning of Brandon:
fiery hill, sword
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is a boy's name and it is of Old English origin. The meaning of the name is broom
or grose hill. Some variant forms of the name are Brand, Brandan, Branden,
Branton and many others. The name is popular as a first name and also as a
surname.  The family with this surname
was first found to be living in Suffolk. 
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My name has so many meanings it makes me a little angry but I love the Irish meaning little Raven and the English Fiery Hill, and Sword
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A very popular boy name Brandon is pronounced BRAN-den. It is of Old English origin, and its meaning is "broom, gorse hill." TV executive Brandon Tartikoff is a famous personality bearing the name.

Variant forms include Brand, Brandan, Branden, Brandin, Brandyn, Brannon and Branton. Alternate spellings of the name Brandon include Branden.
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It means you rock hard and Lady's will love you always if your gay than thats a problem 2 you

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